One More From the Road
Live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia 1976

Reissued as a Double CD set in 1996 this set now contains the songs missing from the first CD release along with an alternate version of Sweet Home Alabama. The track listing is also now in the correct order of the original concerts.
Disc One
1. Workin' For MCA
2. I Ain't the One
3. Saturday Night Special
4. Searching
5. Travellin' Man
6. Simple Man**
7. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller
8. The Needle And The Spoon
9. Gimme Back My Bullets**
10. Tuesday's Gone
11. Sweet Home Alabama*

Disc Two

1. Gimme Three Steps
2. Call Me The Breeze
3. T For Texas (Blue Yodel No.1)
4. Sweet Home Alabama
5. Crossroads
6. Free Bird

*Previously Unreleased Bonus Track
**Reissue Bonus Tracks